FRIENDS OF COCO - Sheridan Fiamengo


A few weeks ago I visited the house of our friend and designer Sheridan Fiamengo. She lives in a 1970s Italian style tiled share house in North Fitzroy. We sat and drank tea and she read my tarot cards for the first time and did my birthday chart. Then we got down to wardrobe business and she took me to her room to talk me through it.

Tell us what you do?
Designer for On My Head, and I also create content for No Order Market


When and how did you discover your love of secondhand?

When I was in high school going through many 'looks'. 

I really love shopping... and second-hand stores have always given me the liberty to 'have fun with it' on a budget. 

What has been you best find?
Probably my Chanel quilted backpack. Not really my style, but I feel like I need to keep her. 


And piece you regret to this day not buying?

Margiela boots in Paris a few years ago. 

Favourite designers?
A tie between Alexander McQueen/Rei Kawakubo and Maison Martin Margiela. Every time I explore their work, I always find something that challenges and inspires me over and over again

Who is your style icon or someone you would swap wardrobes with in a heartbeat?
Miranda satc season 1/2 and Claire Barrow 

Instagrams to follow?






And finally what are you working on next?

At the moment I am still slowly developing my next collection; I've in the midst of changing my practice a little... I'll be in the US for the next month so hopefully, after then, I will have something to realise ;)   


Photos by Ellie King